Normal Equine Upper Respiratory Anatomy



Dissection of the head and neck.  left view


Neuranatomic Logic
The horse's URT is divided into the nares, turbinates, pharynx, and larynx.  The lower respiratory tract (LRT) is the next anatomic step and is made up of the trachea and the lungs.

It can be a useful method to logically divide the anatomy in your mind to help you define exactly what the problem is so that you can properly address the problem and hopefully, improve performance.  For this project, the anatomy is divided accordingly.  We will start with the URT.

The larynx and pharynx are most commonly affected and cause poor performance.  


Illustrations on this page are taken from The Atlas of Topographical Anatomy of the Domestic Animals by Peter Popesko and  used by permission of W.B. Saunders Co., Inc.