Laryngeal Hemiplegia



LH videoendoscopic views at rest
LH videoendoscopic views at speed

Laryngeal Hemiplegia 
*can be either left or right (LLH or RLH), however the left arytenoid is 
  affected more commonly than the right (any grade)
*grading is performed both at rest and at speed
*You cannot make an accurate assessment without examining the horse’s 
  URT during high speed exercise 
*The high speed exam is performed using a  treadmill combined with 

Grading of Laryngeal Function at Rest
*Grade I – Normal abduction, symmetry and adduction of both arytenoids

*Grade II – Asymmetric or asynchronous (slow) abduction of either arytenoid

*Grade III – Asymmetric and asynchronous abduction of either arytenoid

*Grade IV – Paralysis of one arytenoid.