Upper Respiratory Tract Case 3



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*5 year old
*Standardbred (STD) 

*Horse has won more than $150,000 in its career
was claimed last year
history of having some kind of throat surgery
horse raced well for new owners until the end of last year
made an abnormal noise then incurred a severe cough and fever
was treated with antibiotics for three weeks
*horse was gradually returned to training two months ago, raced and won
  once.  In its last two starts, again made an abnormal URT noise and
  stopped at the 1/4 pole

URT noise
*loud gurgling, expiratory noise
best heard by the driver in front of the horse when racing

Referring Veterinarian's Resting URT Exam
*The horse easily displaces its palate at rest and has difficulty replacing it

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