Upper Respiratory Tract Case 1



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*Standardbred (STD) 

*Raced successfully as a two and three year old
*Has won $500,000
*History of an intravenous injection in the left jugular vein three 
  months ago
*Vein was treated locally and responded to therapy
*Last two races, finished poorly
*Last two races, horse makes an abnormal, high-pitched inspiratory noise

URT noise
*inspiratory, high-pitched
*not heard at a trot or early in exercise
*best heard after one half mile of intense exercise

Referring Veterinarian's Resting URT Exam
*referring vet's external palpation of larynx: you can easily palpate the 
  muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage

Horse presents to your clinic for a complete poor performance examination.  Use the menu to the left for exam results.  Use the menu above for reference material that may help you with your diagnosis of the case.