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Chemical group: benzamide

Trade names: Navigator (Idexx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

Mode of action: Target organisms are able to reduce nitazoxanide’s nitro group to a toxic free radical which interferes with cellular respiration.

Pharmacokinetics: Given a single 22.72mg/lb dose: Cmax = 0.51 ppm, Tmax = 2.13 hr. The active metabolite (deacetynitazoxanide) is undetectable in plasma by 24 hrs post dosing.

Dose: 11.36 mg/lb once a day on days 1 to 5, then 22.72 mg/lb once a day on days 6 to 28.

Toxicity: A single dose at 5X the regular dose lead to transient depressed appetite, loose stools and lethargy for 11 to 14 days post treatment. Multiple (4) 5X doses lead to the death of 5 of 8 horses. The drug can disrupt the normal microbial flora of the GI tract leading to enterocolitis even at the normal dose. It is important to monitor the horse for adverse signs during the course of treatment.

Parasite Targets: Sarcocystis neurona in horses.

(The above information came from the Navigator® package insert)

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