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Chemical group: thiamine analog

Trade names: Corid, Amprol

Mode of action: thiamine analog, competitively inhibits the active transport of thiamine.  The coccidia are 50 times as sensitive to this inhibition as is the host.

Pharmacokinetics: Freely soluble in water.

Dose: In dogs and cats:  "extra label use":  300 to 400 mg/kg, SID for 5 days or 110 to 220 mg/kg SID for 7 to 12 days.

In chickens:   For prevention of coccidiosis:  36.3 - 113.5 g/ton in the feed or in the drinking water at 0.012%.  No withdrawal is needed.

Toxicity: May cause thiamine deficiency if given at high rates.

Parasite Targets: Isospora in dogs and cats, Eimeria in cattle and poultry.

Selected references:    Lindsy and Blagburn, (1995), Chap. 47,  Antiprotozoan drugs. IN: Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, ( pg. 975), H. Richard Adams (ed). Iowa State Press, Ames, Iowa.


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